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Nuestros estudiantes WAYSTAGE en Colombia están en camino a grandes sueños!



Aprender inglés

Nancy Rodriguez is a mother, a wife, and a business manager. In her busy life she also finds time to study English! She started in Survival 2 and after a year, she is in Waystage 2. Her dream is to travel around the world.

She finds speaking to be the most difficult. Her worst moment was when she arrived at WSE and everyone spoke only English to her. Did that happen to you? She overcame her fear to show her son that “English is not impossible,” she says.

What is your secret to success?
Never give up with the method because we have a dream to make. What is the first thing you do when you enter WSE World?
I open my WSE World and I check my points. I like to obtain more and more points and win the other students. I use all the times the practice activities and I practice with my tutor and in my notebook. With my tutor we check the discussions and he gives me homework to participate in one discussion minimum each week.

Become friends with Nancy
Nancy loves to know about lifestyles, golf, and business. But what she likes most is to talk about her country, Colombia, and share pictures. Become friends with her if you’d like to know more about Colombia.
Nancy, you certainly inspire the WSE World team. We hope other community members are inspired by your story.#HighFive!


Aprender inglés

Jhonatan Hernandez started to learn English in Wall Street English as a Survival 2 student. After 10 months, he is in Waystage PRO. He wants to be an Air Force pilot. This is his motivation to learn. “English is necessary to understand the manuals, they are all in English,” he says.
He finds speaking and listening the most difficult. Before coming to WSE, he couldn’t speak a word of English. “But now I feel I can speak, I improved a lot,” he says.

What is your secret to success?
Practice, practice, and practice!

What is the first thing you do when you enter WSE World?
I check my “wall” [My WSE page] to see all the comments. After, I check my points, I do one or two exercises. I love the points and I love the discussions. I don’t participate all the time, but I read and review. I like the blog posts, they have very interesting information. [The WSE World team is happy to hear that!]

Become friends with Jhonatan
If you’d like to meet Jhonatan, he is interested in planes and aviation (of course!) and also beautiful, natural places around the world. Find him and become friends with him in WSE World.
Keep going, Jhonatan! #HighFive for all your hard work.




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